Hear from REAL Women About Why They Use Progesterone

Testimonials of Natural Progesterone Users and Avoiding Xenoestrogens

I had a healthy pregnancy.

Around September of 2008 my cycles got all wacky. I would bleed one day, skip a couple, start again, skip a few, etc. They were not consistant, like they had been since I started as a child (10 yo). Also, it wasn't the normal 'color' either. it was brownish and liquidy. I started using the progestelle and stopped using as much as I could of the avoid list that comes with the progestelle and my cycles normalized and in a few months I was pregnant. I had a healthy pregnancy (have had several miscarrages prior) and a beautiful baby girl.

Heather M.

Jan. 21, 2010

Bowman, GA

The tenderness is greatly improved and the pain all but gone.

Dr Eckhart,

I was told a couple of years ago that I had polycystic breast disease. The cysts had been increasing in number and size over about 8 years. They didn't bother me until about a year ago. One Cyst became very obvious, and I had it aspirated and tested. Last summer, I started having very uncomfortable pain and tenderness in the areas of the cysts. I was also experiencing common symptoms of estrogen dominance.

I am now 49. In researching, I came across your information and made some changes. I have eliminated a lot of the xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens and been using Progestelle since September. The tenderness is greatly improved and the pain all but gone. I no longer have fluctuations in my energy level and I have been able to loose some of my "bubble wrap" abound my middle. I sleep better, focus better, and just don't feel so old and tired. I have followed your plan of one ounce for three months and then reducing the dosage, and am beginning my 5th month now. I will continue to use Progestelle.

Thank You.

Lenee T.

Jan. 6, 2010

Prosser, WA

This has worked wonders for me so far with my endometriosis symptoms, no cramps, no swelling of my chest, and no more bloated stomach.

Abt. 3 or 4 yrs ago, I had a lump in my stomach the size of a cantalope, it turned out to be my right ovary that had grown to be that size, so I went to my gynocologist and he said I needed immediate surgery to have it removed. So a week later I went into the hospital for surgery and had it removed along w/ my appendix b/c it was attached to it. Luckily it was not attached to my bowel. He diagnosed it was endometriosis after the surgery. For a while everything felt better, but shortly after all of my symptoms came back. As of now I've been on Depot Lupron twice for a period of 6 months throughout the years to stop my period so that my body could recover for a while, also I have been on and off birth control. Currently I have been on continuous birth control for abt 3 months, and right b4 that I had a round of depot lupron. So I've only had my period abt. 2 times within the last 9 months. My doctor recommended I see a infertility specialist, so I did and was told it would be impossible to become pregnant on my own without doing in-vitro fertilization due to my severe endometriosis and only having one ovary. He was afraid that if I went off the birth control pills long enough to try to conceive that my endo cysts would grow back and prevent it. He also said I have pcos. My chest is sore and swollen all of the time, I feel nauseas and I have gained abt 20 lbs within the last year, and I get severe cramping without any warning. I've been exploring tcm, acupuncture for fertility, I don't know where to turn. I want to get pregnant on my own b/c I can't afford to do ivf and I don't want to be on all of these medicines that make me all wacky. Please help. Can progestelle help me?? I can't even have a sexual relationship w/ my boyfriend b/c having sex is so painful and burning, I've lost the desire b/c I don't enjoy it anymore.

-Amy G.

Dr. Eckhart,

This has worked wonders for me so far with my endo symptoms, no cramps, no swelling of my chest, and no more bloated stomach. But for the entire 2 weeks I've been on progestelle I have had migraines like every other day and have had to leave work early quite often. Do you have any suggestions as to why I would be getting such bad headaches like this??? I really need to stop them so that I don't miss soooo much work.

Thank you for your quick responses on my questions.

-Amy G.

I am still using the progestelle, just finished my first bottle yesterday and my headaches have subsided since I last e-mailed, which is awesome, so I am feeling better on the progesterone oil and cut out the xenoestrogens I put on my skin.

But, do I have to stop using the progestelle oil in order to get my period??? Or do I continue using 3 dropfuls at night like I have been until my period arrives then stop the progestelle?? I'm just a little confused abt. that part of the regime.

The last time I had my period was Nov 20th, and it lasted for 12 days.

-Amy G.

Dec. 16, 2009

Honesdale, Pennslyvania

Stage 4 Endometriosis

Hi Dr. Eckhart,

I have been using the Progestelle since Day 6 of my cycle (My last period started on 11/4 so I started on 11/10) I have been using 2+ to 3 dropperfulls per night daily. I have gone through an entire bottle so far and just opened the second one tonight. I just got my period (early) today so it has only been 19 days since my last one.

1. Is this normal? Mine are usually very regular and about 26 - 28 days apart.

2. Do I continue the Progestelle during my period or stop and then start again at day 6 of my new cycle?

I am also having acupuncture to balance my hormones and deal with the pain as well as having eliminated xenoestrogens. All of this seems to be helping GREATLY with the pain. It was not even noticable this month and usually I have plenty of warning with pain before my period starts.


T. Smith

Also, if you would include that I have eliminated laundry detergent in favor of 1/3c. white vinegar and 1/3c. salt for colors and replacing the salt with 1/3c. washing soda for whites.

I think that would help a LOT of people, and saves money. No need to read ingredients! I am also making my own natural cleaning products from common ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and corn starch. Recipes can be found on the internet.

I really think the elimination of the xenoestrogens (endocrine disruptors) has been KEY.

I will send you an update next month.

Thank you!

T. Smith

Nov. 24, 2009

West Allis, Wisconsin

Editor's Note:

Don't worry about irregular periods. This is common. The real question is whether or not you feel better or not.

Just take the Progestelle whenever you do not have period.

IF you have diligently cut out xenoestrogens, especially the ones on the skin, then the period should normalize after 2-3 months. The xenoestrogens should wash out, in general.

Constant estrogen ingestion in the form of pills or xenoestrogens causes the estrogen receptors to down regulate. In other words, the woman's body has so much estrogen that the estrogen receptors become less sensitive. A good analogy would be when you enter a noisy room. When you first enter the room you notice the noise. However, after being in the noisy room for a while, the noise becomes less noticeable. Your ears become less sensitive to the noise. In effect, your ears down regulate. Thus, if you take estrogen supplements or get doses of xenoestrogens, after a while, your body will become less sensitive to estrogens. This is because your body has too much estrogen, and the body tries to become less sensitive. However, when you take progesterone the estrogen receptors are resensitized to their original sensitivity. In other words, when you begin to take progesterone, you regain your original sensitivity to estrogen.

So, the irregular period is due to this tug of war between estrogen, progesterone and fluctuating sensitivity to both hormones.

In general I feel more stable and balanced.

Dear Dr. Eckhart,

I feel better than 2 months ago. I am taking additionally vitamine B and Sumacazon (food supplement containing maca, and aimed at strengthening the endocrine system.

Progestelle is making me being a bit sleepy indeed, I am taking it mainly before bedtime, and a bit in the morning, on the face.

In general I feel more stable and balanced. I will continue with Progestelle, and I believe the monthly period will stabilise.

Best regards,


Nov. 15, 2009

United Kingdom

Decrease in my Anxiety Level and Weight loss

Sept. 9, 2009
Dear Dr. Eckhert,

Thank you so much for the time you spent with me last Saturday providing me with the information I needed to know due to the fact I could not read the printed word in your pamphlet. What I find most interesting is that my anxiety level has dropped so much since I began taking the progesterone.

The next think that I find remarkable is that the I had been losing detail in my only eye which is a 10 degree field. Within the week I began to see some detail on a landmark that I have. I thought naw this can't be possible but it is. My dry eye appears to be dissipating.

According to my cornea specialist dry eye is suppose to be a fact of life as one gets older. My intestines seem to be cleaning themselves out since I began this liquid and bloating is going down. I had been given cyclosporine as an experimental drug to protect two human corneas from rejecting and the side effects have been incredible besides both corneas rejected. I have worked hard on my diet to maintain my sight but the weight gain was insane. Within this week my body appears to be deflating and my hair is silkier. that is strange to me.

I have eliminated the herbs and foods that are recommended and changed our laundry detergent.. I hope and pray that this is the answer that I have been seeking since 2004 to bring my body back to where it was going.

Thanks so much for the dialogue. It was very much appreciated.


Rita M.

Nov. 17, 2009

Dear Dr. Eckert,

I have been taking progesterone now for two months. I have noticed a remarkable down in my anxiety level, weight loss and the ability to actually get to the bathroom in time due to less frequent incontinence.

I have also listened to your suggestion of how to handle chocolate cravings and went for half of a banana and noticed that this has done the trick I believe this correction only took place because I abandoned all of the herbs that were suggested not to use which you read to me. Before if I went for the orange or had half a banana it really didn?t make a difference I wanted the chocolate anyway.

I also noticed that there is a reduction in food intake without me forcing the issue or concentrating on not eating. When my stomach says its full it means it and doesn?t want anymore. Because I have been working on correcting and balancing my body all my life and have been giving medication most of my life i.e. steroids it has been a non stop balancing act without real results. The calm that I am now experiencing is enabling me to feel less anxious when I have to meet more challenges which appear to be never ending in my life.. but I do not have the same reactions to stress.

Since I have tried everything in my life to correct my body weight and other problems I am so appreciative especially to have the ability not to be in constant worry.

Thanks so much,

Very truly yours,

Rita M.

Nov. 17, 2009

New York, New York

Sara was born!!!! A healthy nearly 10 pound baby girl.

Dear Dr. Eckhart,

I am writing to thank you for all of your work. Without which my daughter would not be here. I was seriously thinking about giving up on another child. By now I was nearly forty and I barely had my first one earlier in life. Miscarriage after miscarriage. Disappointment after disappointment. I did not want to quit. I didn't want it to end this way.

Then by a fluke I started to research PMS. I had felt a rage toward my daughter that scared me. Immediately I began researching. I came across a sight and low and behold early miscarriage was caused by estrogen dominance. WOW!! I was excited, sad and mad all at the same time. How did this happen? Why? All my suffering and all this time it was caused by the products I was using ignorantly. Ouch! Not to mention all of the other symptoms of which I had many.

I started the progestelle as recommended and continued three months after getting pregnant. Six months later to the joy and delight of my entire family our Sara was born!!!! A healthy nearly 10 pound baby girl.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us our happy ending. Now when I look back, the end will never be a miscarriage and its sorrow but the blessing of our precious baby girl.

Amanda R.

Charlton, NY

Oct. 26, 2009

Actually, I am much better now

Actually, I am much better now that I moved to this product from the progesterone cream. No more night sweats, migraines or mood swings!

My cycle is still unpredictable some months (in arrival date, duration and flow) but I know it's also in part aggravated by traveling and food intolerances.


Hartland, Vermont

Oct. 20, 2009

I am so happy and grateful.

I bought progestelle about two months ago for severe fibrocystic breasts. I have drastically made changes in line with your recommendations. I feel almost 100% better in just a few weeks. This is my second month using the product and about mid-way through my cycle (ovulation?) I had breakthrough bleeding. It was light red, more brown, not heavy amount and mostly in the morning for about three days. Now I am on day 32 of my cycle and have not gotten my period (I assure you I am not pregnant). Before progestelle my cycles would be close to 45 days. Last month I (blissfully...with no PMS) started my period on the 26th day of my cycle.

I have only been using one dropperful of progestelle before bed. Should I stop for a few days to see if my period begins? Do you think that "breakthrough bleeding" was my period? I usually have a very heavy amount of blood for five days. Will I be at risk for endometriosis if I don't get my period and "shed" that lining? I would appreciate your opinion on this! Thanks so much for all the information you have made available. Not a day goes by (not a minute) that I don't feel utter gratefulness for being pain-free. I just want to continue making positive decisions about my body. I can't help but wonder if it is hormonely confused right now!

My children have noticed me being pain-free. I couldn't hug them tight because my breasts would hurt so badly. Now they run up and give me long, bear hugs... I can play jump-rope with them (that used to hurt just thinking about). I am not on edge anymore. The progestelle has helped me be the person I really am (not jacked up on estrogen), I am relaxed and much more patient with everyone. I have more energy. I am so happy and grateful. But, most of all I am not fearful anymore. Being in pain is frightening and debilitating emotionally and physically. I have spent so much money trying to find a "cure" for fibrocystic breasts. The bulk of the work is up to me. I'm willing to do it now that I know what to do. And that little glass bottle of Progestelle is the most valuable thing in my house (besides my family!).


Laura G.

Charles Town, Alabama

Oct. 16, 2009

The pain was lowered almost to nothing, thanks for your advice.


During the last two (2) years I am suffering of pain in the low abdominal area. It started after working in the backyard using a shovel. The pain has increased gradually with higher pain after the menstrual period. Then I was diagnosticed with endometriosis. The pain can not be eliminated with the medicaments; it was recommended a laparoscopy surgery and/or treatment to advance menopause. Yesterday (20/AUG/2009) I discovered the product Progestelle in the internet and bought it (order 21233)‏. I wonder to know if I can use the product Progestelle, how it is used, and what dose. Which book is recommended, to know more about endometriosis treatment without a performing a surgery periodically. We will appreciate any advice and/or recommendations. Thanks for your attention.



On 03/OCT/2009 I completed 21 consecutive days using the Progestelle. The pain was lowered almost to nothing, thanks for your advice . From 04/OCT/2009 to 12/OCT/2009 I did not used the Progestelle. It was supposed to have the period on 08/OCT/2009 but until now I do not have any period.

Is reliable the result of a pregnancy test found in any pharmacy even if I?m using the Progestelle?


Carmen R.

Aibonito, Puerto Rico

Oct. 14, 2009

I wound up having a very healthy baby

Dear Dr. Eckhart,

Hello! We spoke several times on the phone. I became pregnant while on progestelle ( we were trying) and took it as you described below, and wound up having a very healthy baby boy! He is now 6 weeks old. I am feeling good. It is time for me to start some sort of birth control again, my ob just prescribed the mini-pill or the progeterone only pill. Is this a good idea? I wanted to check with you first, our other option is just to use condoms. I am not on any progestelle at all right now, and I am nursing my baby.

thank you!

Karen C.

Meridian, Idaho

Oct. 12, 2009


Hello Dr Eckhart.

I am writing to thank you for your help. I used Progestelle for 6 months for adenomyosis and my health is back to normal. I stopped 1 month ago and I have NO PAIN AT ALL! I am so surprised I can't believe it! Of course I continue to avoid coffee, parbens, etc. I have two questions for you:

1. Is it safe to consume SOY LECITHIN?
2. Should I have an MRI to see if adenomyosis is gone?
I looking forward to your answer. Thank you.

Georgia F.

Sindos, Thessaloniki, Greece

Oct. 8, 2009

I'm doing really well thank you.

I'm doing really well thank you. I've cut down to one dropper full a day now as I do feel a lot better. My periods are not half as bad as they used to be and my migraines are a lot more under control. I still get lethargic but we are living in a really old damp house and I don't think it's doing me any good to be honest.

Thanks so much for asking.

Gill K.

Cheshire, Great Britain

Oct. 5, 2009

Overall I feel so much better.

Hi Dr. E.,

Just a quick update..

I have now had 2 normal periods. The first period the hemorrhagic flow stopped. I still had a heavy period, but was not hemorrhaging. My clots were 1/2 of what they were the previous month. The following period was normal. No clots, moderate flow, and no cramps. So, after 5 years of hemorrhaging I have had 2 non-hemorrhagic periods. I'm ecstatic. I believe it is the combination of progestelle and vitamin A.

I am using a very small amount of progestelle - I have used the same bottle for 3 months, and it still has 1/4 left.

My energy is good. I am very pleased. I have recommended your site to another woman with heavy periods.

Migraines are the same, around 20 per month, but they are long-standing (since '92/93) and I am thinking it may be a long term project.

I have almost completely occluded nasal passages (nasal polyp on one side, and the other side healed sealed shut after a nasal polypectomy 20 years ago). My twin brother has had 3 sinus surgeries due to sinus infections and headaches.This may have something to do with my headaches. I can almost never breath through my nose. I am now considering nasal surgery in order to have a functional airway.

I continue to follow the guidelines for laundry det., soap, shampoo, etc.

Overall I feel so much better.



San Diego, California

Oct. 1, 2009

Your product has helped her enormously.

My 14-year-old, daughter suffers from Dysmenorrhea. Your product has helped her enormously. Before using it, she was on a low dose birth control pill, with which I did not feel comfortable with her using long term. The doctor switched her to the Yaz pill last year and it really had some bad effects on her system. She now suffers from IBS. When we took her off the Yaz and added the Progestrelle, her IBS improved. I don't know if the Yaz hurt her but the pain came on over night with her. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we really like your product.

Yuma, Arizona

Sept. 24, 2009

I am a true believer that I am better because of your research (endometriosis patient)

Dr. Eckhart,

I have been using Progestelle since the first of this year with very good results. I have also cut out xenoestrogens from the products that I use and consume. I am a true believer that I am better because of your research.

I am currently dosing two dropperfuls of Progestelle a day until my period begins. My husband and I are considering conception. How would I use the Progestelle to try to conceive? What would be the dosage, number of days etc?

I appreciate your time.

Thank you

Kimberly S.

Whitehouse, TX

Sept. 15, 2009

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