After the Age of 35 Progesterone levels go to Zero (most of the time)

After age 35 most women most of the time stop making progesterone

After the age of 35 most women most of the time stop making progesterone. This is called anovulatory cycle. During a normal menstrual cycle, before the age of 35, the follicle comes up and begins to produce estradiol. The follicle pops out an egg. The used follicle becomes a corpus luteum. The corpus luteum then produces progesterone.

After the age of 35, most of the time, a follicle comes up, the egg does not pop out, and no corpus luteum is produced. If no corpus luteum is produced then there is no progesterone produced. Thus, for that month, no progesterone is produced. However, during some cycles, a particular woman may ovulate.

I remember one patient, that was taking vitex or chaste berry for her Estrogen Dominant Symptoms. One month she felt great and the next month, she would feel lousy, one month great, and the next month lousy. This reaction was predictable like clock work. Chaste Berry is like an LH analogue. In other words, chaste berry works like LH (leutinizing hormone). LH stimulates the corpus luteum to produce progesterone. Chaste Berry tries to "goose" the corpus luteum to produce more of the natural hormone. However, if there is no corpus luteum, then there is nothing to stimulate, and no natural hormone is produced.

A woman's ovaries will alternate. One month the right ovary "fires" out an egg. The next month the left ovary "fires" out an egg. The ovary that did not fire last month, has a growth edge and develops more quickly the other ovary, this ovary develops faster, and fires first. The used follicle becomes the corpus luteum and begins to produce progesterone. Once the natural hormone is produced, the other ovary stops growing its follicle. That is why a woman's ovaries alternate right and left every other month.

This particular patient had one anovulatory ovary and one working ovary. So one month the Chaste Berry would work on the firing ovary. But the next month, the Chaste Berry had nothing to stimulate, no natural hormone was produced and the patient would feel lousy.

Anyway, for most women, after the age of 35, they have anovulatory cycle most of the time. Because they do not produce progesterone, there is no progesterone to balance out the Estrogen Dominance and they do not feel good. They begin to have thinning hair. Fat builds up on the belly. They begin to feel lethargic. Avoiding xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens, and taking progesterone cream usually makes them feel better. Hair begins to get thicker. Weight is lost with no dieting and no exercise.

The problem is that after the age of 35, most of the time, but not all the time, the woman does not produce much progesterone at all because of anovulatory cycles. Progesterone levels drop to less than 1% of normal. So in addition, to the chemical estrogens and plant estrogens that the woman is exposed to, she is also making less progesterone. This contributes to the Estrogen Dominance.

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