What is Bioidentical Progesterone?

Why Big Pharmaceutical Companies Don't Make Natural Progesterone

Bioidentical Progesterone is the same as Natural Progesterone. It is not the same as prescription brand name Progestins. Natural Progesterone is the same exact identical hormone that your body produces. The natural hormone is normally produced by the corpus luteum on the ovary during the latter half of the menstrual cycle. During a normal menstrual cycle, the body produces about 20-40 mg/day. "Pro" means for. "Gesterone" means gestation. Progesterone is the dominant hormone of pregnancy. The body produces 20-40 mg/day and slowly ramps up production so that during one day of third trimester; it produces 400 mg/day. During the first trimester, the corpus luteum produces the hormone. During the second and third trimesters, the placenta produces most of the hormone.

Natural Progesterone is so safe that Fertility Medical Doctors ("test tube baby" fertility specialists) use it on pregnant patients to keep the pregnancy. Babies exposed to the Natural hormone during the pregnancy tend to be calmer and more intelligent anecdotally.

In contrast, synthetic brand name progestins cause birth defects. They are contraindicated for use during pregnancy.

The most frequent cause of first trimester miscarriage at 5-8 weeks is a progesterone deficiency. Or alternatively the pregnant woman may be using some kind of toiletry on the skin that contains a chemical that blocks the natural hormone. Taking Natural Progesterone Cream topically on the skin at 60 mg/day routinely stops the first trimester miscarriage. The only danger of taking the natural hormone topically during pregnancy is that you cannot stop taking the natural hormone for one day. If you do stop and forget to take the natural hormone for one day, dropping hormone levels will create a miscarriage. Natural progesterone use during pregnancy should only be used under the supervision a medical doctor or health care professional that has experience with the natural hormone cream. If you want to read more about the protocol to prevent miscarriage read about it here. Remember you should be under the care of a health care provider that is familiar with the use of the natural hormone and pregnancy.

Natural progesterone can even be used to stop early premature delivery. There was one study that was done by a doctor that showed early deliver may be stopped by using the natural hormone. See it here.

Some things put on the skin may actually block the natural hormone. There are many folk medicines that were used to create miscarriages. These plant chemicals are hormone blockers. They go into the hormone receptor and stop the natural hormone from resting in the receptor and stimulating it. Even "healthy" innocuous products from the health food store may contain some kind of herb that is natural hormone blocking. There were many different herbs used in folk medicine to create an abortion. They cannot be discounted or deemed inconsequential. Many of our modern medications are derived from folk medicines.

Let me digress, digoxin (brand name lanoxin) is used to increase the contractility of the heart for congestive heart patients is derived from the foxglove plant. So many of the herbs used in folk medicine to create abortions contain active phytochemicals that block the natural hormone and cause a miscarriage. For instance, aloe vera used in many "health food" store products. Aloe Vera if taken in sufficient quantity during the first trimester is used to create a miscarriage. Aloe was used purposely to create a miscarriage. If you have lotion or shampoo that contains aloe, you should not use it if you are trying to get pregnant and conceive or during pregnancy.

Anything you put on the skin goes directly into the body. The potency of anything you put on the skin is 10 times, anything taken orally. Anything taken orally is 90% filtered by the liver, then the 10% that is left goes into the body. So your laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, deodorant goes directly into the body bypassing the liver. Thus, even "health food" store laundry detergent may or may not contain different chemicals that may affect your pregnancy and your health.

Here is a recent website on Natural Progesterone.

Safety of Natural Progesterone

So lets get back to the subject of the safety of the natural hormone. So Fertility Medical Doctors (Infertility Specialists) routinely use progesterone in 2009 for their test tube babies to prevent miscarriage. Obviously, Natural Progesterone does NOT cause birth defects. Fertility Medical Doctors use Natural Progesterone routinely in their high risk practice. They would not use anything knowingly that would jeopardize their business. Since Natural Progesterone is the exact same molecule that your body produces; it does NOT cause birth defects. Not only that but it is therapeutic at levels from 20 mg/day to 400 mg/day. It is relatively safe. See our new website on the side effects of Natural Progesterone.

There is a wide therapeutic range of safe doses for the natural hormone. Contrast this to Tylenol or acetominophen. Take a half bottle of that and you die from liver failure.

bioidentical progesterone
Bioidentical Natural Progesterone (the exact duplicate your body makes)
Medroxyprogesterone (artificial)
Megestrol (artificial)

In contrast, synthetic brand name prescription progestins cause cancer according to a recent 1993 Physician's Desk Reference as one of the side effects. If you were to web search law suit and one of the more common Progestins and cancer, you may find that women are suing a company for causing cancer with synthetic progestins.

Here is a website talking about the Side Effects of Natural Progesterone.

Money Money Money

What is a synthetic brand name prescription progestin and how did we get there? Well it turns out that you cannot patent a molecule found in nature because it is not novel. It is not "new". If this is the case, then anyone can sell the natural hormone. If you have 100 competitors selling an identical product, then the price goes down. If the price goes down, then you can't make very much profit. If you can't make very much profit, then you don't have very much free money lying around.

Why is money lying around important? Well you could use the money to hire expensive drug representatives. What do drug representatives do? They visit doctor's offices. Drug representatives go to the doctor's office and wait sometimes all day long in the waiting room to see the doctor for 10 minutes. What do they do for the doctor? They give him free pens. They give him free lunch. They give him free tape measures or a free caliper used in ECG's. Sometimes if the doctor is good, the doctor may even get a free vacation. I remember as a medical student getting a free gormet dinner from a drug representitive. How much does a drug representitive get paid? In 2009, salaries for pharmaceutical sales representatives start in the mid 40's and top off at about $120K a year (not including bonus which can reach 50% of your base salary or more in some companies). Perks include a work environment that is 2nd to none, full benefit packages, 401K, tuition reimbursement, company car and expense account for entertaining clients, cell phone or blackberry allowance, high-speed internet allowance, storage unit allowance, use of a company laptop and color printer, up to eight weeks vacation, family leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, life insurance, long-term disability insurance. I talked to one drug rep, and most of the time, if your doctors keep prescribing, you don't have to do anything. You can go home and garden and read a book. Life is good. I should have studied to be a drug representitive instead of a medical doctor. Life is more fun.

My cycles were actually not excruciating anymore.


I received my order today, thanks! I will be good for another nine months now. I am attaching a pic of our baby boy we had last year. I stayed on the Progestelle for the first three months of my pregnancy until my body was making enough progesterone on its own. We gave birth to an 8 and a half pound baby boy that was 22 inches long and in 100% health. I also started my Progestelle again about one month after having our son so I would not have any post partum issues. Our son is now on year old and I have not had any post partum depression and my periods remain light. Since we do not want any more children I only stop my progestelle for the week I am on my period. My periods are light and very little discomfort. Thank you for your product and the information you send with it. I have many instances when I can share my success with others and I tell them about your product.

I have had four children over the past 25 years and never had a miscarriage or any symptoms of one. I had a placenta previa with my first child and I also had severe vomiting for three to four months that required hospitalization. The problem with getting pregnant this last time was the fibroid in my uterus. It seems that the fibroid had grown so large it was nearly growing out my cervix. The reason I began the progestelle was that I had been having worse and worse cycles (obviously the growth of the fibroid) and actually had a period for two months with bleeding so bad I used 3 tampons and one pad at a time and that only lasted an hour or two. I went to many doctors and they did not help. I was so scared I was going to become anemic I began taking iron supplements and drinking icees just to get through the day at work without passing out. I was, however, beginning for forget things that I did not usually forget. It was at this time that I began my own online research, found you, ordered progestelle and my period finally stopped. The progestelle helped me get by a few months until I could schedule surgery and time off to remove the fibroid. After that, I still stayed on my progestelle and my cycles were actually not excruciating anymore. They were so bad before I had the fibroid removed that I would lie down with lots of tylenol and still cry for hours. I have a high pain tolerance so for me to cry was a bad sign. Once that was removed I got pregnant within 3 months after we had been trying for 4 years. I also had NO vomiting with this child either. Not sure why, I understand the the b vitamins help with that a bit. Anyway, I have the lightest, easiest cycles that I have ever had in my life since I have been on your progestelle. I have had severe periods since I was 16, but with the fibroid ( that took doctors four years to find) they were even worse. Progestelle has also taken away, for the most part, my PMS. My PMS was really bad but that too has gone away with the progestelle.

The doctors that I went to for years and tried to tell that I had problems told me I was having "good, heavy, normal periods". Obviously those doctors were ignorant, to say the least. I don't usually treat myself with online information but the lack of doctors that actually want to learn about your progestelle is staggering. It seems that all they could do was make fun of what was working for me, and probably attributed it to "being all in my silly blond head". Finding you and your product has literally changed my life . Thanks. I don't know how you are so open to leaning how to help women but "more power to you". I appreciate your willingness to learn and help women like me. I only wish that there were a world full of more people like you.

Sure you can publish my testimony. The only thing I did not mention is that my breast milk dried up pretty quickly when I started my the natural hormone again after having our son. I did get 5 weeks of breastfeeding in before I started the natural hormone again though. I would be glad to share my testimony because it seems that some "doctors" are a bit ignorant about this natural hormone and tend to scare prospective people away from using it when it is really safer than the crap doctors prescribe. I have had many doctors make fun of the natural hormone and one did it to my face. It is simply not fair that women get the scare tactics from the doctors they go to concerning the natural hormone alternatives. I would love for my testimony to be an encouragement to other women so that they will not let other doctors scare them out of using it due to unjustified ignorance.

Thanks again,

Katharine W.

Feb. 1, 2010

Nixa, Missouri

Why else is money lying around important? You can run medical studies that cost about 100 million dollars to prove the safety and efficacy of your drug. Is there any benefit to fudging data for the company? You bet. Always ask the question, "Who funded the study?"

Why is money lying around important? You can use the extra money to run national advertising campaigns on television with expensive actors and actresses to convince the public to ask their doctor to prescribe them the drug.

As a doctor, a patient may come up to me to prescribe the drug to increase eyelash thickness. If I don't give her the prescription, she goes to another doctor down the street.

Why is money lying around important? I can pay lobbyists to convince my government to pass laws that are good to me. I can hire FDA top officials.

The key is you must have a product that no one else can copy. Then if you can run a convincing scientific study, and then use your drug reps to push the drug, then you can make lots of money. So the key is a patentable drug.

How do you make a patentable drug?

Well, the drug cannot exist in nature. It must be new and novel and never done before. It must be "invented". So what you do is to take the progesterone molecule in nature and somehow modify it just a little and say it is "new" and "improved". Then you patent it. Now since it is patented, you have the sole rights to use it for the next 17 years. No one else can use it.

The natural hormone street price may be $10-$30 per month. However, a patented hormone drug may go for a price that is hundreds of dollars. For instance, a single shot of Lupron, in 2004 costs $1300. After the patent runs out on a drug, then the drug is open to competition and the price falls. However, by that time, the company may have a large market share and still sell the discounted product for less but still profitably.

That is the pharmaceutical business model.

No Money

Conversely, for a competition crowded market for the natural hormone there is no extra money lying around. There is no money for expensive clinical trials. There is no money for expensive drug representatives. Because of the intense competition, there is no money for national advertising on TV. So doctors figure that there must be something wrong with the natural hormone because there is no one to inform them of it. Physicians are usually too busy to do any independent research because they are constantly putting out fires. No mass marketing, and no mass acceptance. No one is doing it. There must be something wrong with it. This is herd mentality.

Malpractice in Court Means Doing Something No One Else is Doing

Sometimes the good physicians find out about natural progesterone cream and the outstanding benefits and performance. They will use the natural hormone on their wives, mothers, and sisters, but not on their patients. Why? Being a doctor means being at risk for a medical malpractice suit. The fear of being sued is what causes doctors to lie. As a doctor, I will have bad outcomes. A bad outcome is a certainty. Let's say I have a bad outcome. The patient sues me. The court then asks me what I was doing. If I say, that I was doing everything that the herd was doing. I was doing the "gold standard" that all other physicians were doing. I was doing nothing different than my colleagues down the street. All the other physicians were doing the same thing. My law suit would be dismissed.

Second case, I have a bad outcome. The patient sues me. I tell the court that natural hormone is better. It makes more sense scientifically. I have thousands of patients that do better. The court asks what other doctors are doing this. I say not many doctors, this is an advanced technology. The judge figures that just a small minority of "quacks" are doing natural hormones and it must be a scam. Who else is doing it? I lose the case. Not only that but I can't get malpractice insurance because I am doing medicine that is "not mainstream". I become uninsurable. So you lose the case, and are uninsurable. I have a mortgage and a car payment. I am not going to risk that. But the natural hormone is a good thing! So I will give it to my wife and my mother. But I am not going to give it to my patients. My patients are going to get what everyone else gets that way I will not be liable for any bad outcomes.

The tenderness is greatly improved and the pain all but gone.

I was told a couple of years ago that I had polycystic breast disease. The cysts had been increasing in number and size over about 8 years. They didn't bother me until about a year ago. One Cyst became very obvious, and I had it aspirated and tested. Last summer, I started having very uncomfortable pain and tenderness in the areas of the cysts. I was also experiencing common symptoms of estrogen dominance.

I am now 49. In researching, I came across your information and made some changes. I have eliminated a lot of the xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens and been using Progestelle since September. The tenderness is greatly improved and the pain all but gone. I no longer have fluctuations in my energy level and I have been able to loose some of my "bubble wrap" abound my middle. I sleep better, focus better, and just don't feel so old and tired. I have followed your plan of one ounce for three months and then reducing the dosage, and am beginning my 5th month now. I will continue to use Progestelle.

Thank You.

Lenee T.

Jan. 6, 2010

Prosser, WA

Worse, if I have given brand name prescription progestins in the past and now switch to the natural hormone, and my previous patients find out why I have changed and have gotten sick or worse, then this is an invitation to sue me. Changing from the progestin to the natural hormone is like admitting to a mistake, a big mistake that may result in a malpractice lawsuit and no house and no car. So when a patient asks if there is a problem with progestins, I will deny it.

Because of the stiff penalties of malpractice, the normally intelligent physician is forced to lie.

It's all good. Not really. It's not good at all. The problem with a chemically modified hormone is that just modifying it a little may have drastically different effects on the human being fooled by the imposter molecule. Again brand name prescription progestins cause birth defects. Natural progesterone does NOT cause birth defects.

Small molecular changes may have drastic changes on the human involved. For instance, here is a molecule of testosterone and estradiol. One codes for females. One codes for males. And yet the difference in the molecule is very small.

See there is only a small difference between testosterone and estradiol in the molecule, yet, there is a large difference in what happens to the human. One is a man. One is a woman.


Similarly, there is only a small difference in the molecules between a brand name progestin and the natural hormone. But, there is a large difference in effect on the human.

Here is a partial list of side effects of a brand name synthetic progestin.

Side Effects of Progestins (NOT Natural Progesterone)

Because of these alterations to the molecule, the drug has side effects. The following is a partial list of side effects of Provera (medroxyprogesterone acetate) from 1993 PDR (Physician's Desk Reference):


Increased risk of birth defects such as heart and limb defects if taken during the first four months of pregnancy.

Beagle dogs given this drug developed malignant mammary nodules.

Discontinue this drug if there is a sudden or partial loss of vision.

This drug passes into breast milk consequences unknown.

May contribute to thrombophlebitis, pulmonary embolism, and cerebral thrombosis.


May cause fluid retention, epilepsy, migraine, asthma, cardiac or renal dysfunction.

May cause breakthrough bleeding or menstrual irregularities.

May cause or contribute to depression.

The effect of prolonged use of this drug on pituitary, ovarian, adrenal, hepatic, or uterine function is unknown.

May decrease glucose tolerance; diabetic patients must be carefully monitored.

May increase the thrombotic disorders associated with estrogens.

Benefits of Natural Progesterone

To see the benefits of Bioidentical Natural Progesterone as well as side effects of the natural hormone go here. Remember, the bad side effects of Natural Progesterone can largely be avoided by avoiding xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens. The bad side effects of the natural hormone only last for about 3 days after you stop the hormone.

It usually takes about 1-3 months for xenoestrogens to wash out of the body. So if you stop xenoestrogens, wait 1-3 months, and take the hormone again, then the natural hormone works without the bad side effects. The bad side effect of the natural hormone may be totally avoided by avoiding xenoestrogens and letting them wash out the body. Buy any Product from this company and you will get a "SAFE" list of products to use and a "NO-NO" list of products to NOT use. Using only products from the "SAFE" list guarantees NO SIDE EFFECTS from using Natural Progesterone. In fact, your are poisoning yourself with the chemicals and herbs that you are putting on the skin. Many women that exclusively only use products from the "SAFE LIST" become well after 3 months. It takes 3 months for the chemicals and herbs to wash out of the body. After that, many don't even need the progesterone cream.

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